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Choosing and Buying a Car Roofbox

This site is designed to help you select, find and buy the right roofbox for your needs, whether for holidays or more frequent use. Hope you find it useful !

Its actually quite easy to buy these online, but there are a few important issues to consider before you purchase. Here we list the main brands of roofbox available for your car and where you can buy them at major shops; we hope it makes your decision a bit easier.

As well as the obvious retailers, we've also shown products available at Amazon and Ebay, together with a few shops you might not expect.

You'll find that owning any roofbox increases your luggage capacity a great deal, but you still have to decide how large a one you need. So here is a help page about Choosing a car roofbox. We've included a comparison chart for box capacities to compare with car boot capacities that should make your choice more straightforward.

Once you've bought it, you might also read our Roofbox Fitting and Safety considerations for when you load and drive your car with it on the roof.

Main retailers and roofbox brands - review

You can find links to the main brands in our left hand menu and below that we've also put links to the top retailers that stock car roofboxes, which go to their list of different available products.

On our site, you can also find brief descriptions, comparisons, specifications and prices of the popular car roofboxes.

Check for roofracks

It may seem a little obvious, but when you get your car roofbox it will be mounted by attaching to roofrack bars that go across your car, so make sure you've got some ! They will fit directly into channels or bars that run along the edges of your car roof. If you haven't already got them, they are readily available from most of the shops that sell the roofboxes.


This brand is probably the best known range of car luggage products on the market and there are around 5 models of Thule roofbox including the Pacific and Atlantic ranges and the top Spirit range.

Each model comes in different capacities from 200 litres to 600 litres and prices range from £200 to £600. There's a good range stocked by Wiggle the cycle shop and other retailers have mixtures of the popular Thule models.

Most of the Thule roofbox reviews give very good ratings for these products, which is expected given the price premium over other products and the efforts that the company put into making the latest designs.


As well as stocking some Thule models, you can find Halfords own range of car roofboxes, which range from 250 litres to 580 litres, covering most buyers needs. They have two ranges with the Exodus models being quick mount versions of the standard models, in black or anthracite colours.

Reviews on their website give both ranges good ratings.

Mont Blanc

You'll find this range spans similar capacities from 320 to 540 litres and is available at Argos, Tesco and Homebase.


These roofboxes are actually made by Thule and marketed under the Karrite name, with the latest range using the name Odyssey. They represent what you might call the budget end of the market for Thule, although the quality is actually higher than many other budget models.


There are third party shops that sell through Amazon, so you get the secure shopping that comes from that. They stock Mont Blanc roof boxes here as well, together with Thule, Titan, Autoplas and Pegaso, some having quite large ranges to suit all holiday and luggage requirements.


Obviously if you fancy your chances of getting a roofbox at auction, this is your option and there are of course the Buy It Now listings where retailers have shops within Ebay.

Transporting bikes

If you have a bike and need to package it for travelling, we've covered that here:Types of bike box and here: Choosing a bike box, including details of stockists and prices.