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Karrite car roofboxes

Here is the range of roofboxes supplied by Karrite

Although marketed under a different name, the Karrite roofboxes are actually made by Thule, but at the budget end of the market. So you can rely on them just as much as the original manufacturers products and there is a hint of their pedigree in the style.

Although there is a small selection of these available through larger retailers, you'll find a lot of them on sale as buy it now items on Ebay, from smaller shops with retail listings.

The Karrite Odyssey range

This is the current new and most stylish range available, understandably because of its Thule design, all of them having a grey and anthracite colour combination and built using UV protected plastic to keep their appearance and strength over the years of holidays and travel.

These have some aerodynamic styling built in, while also maintaining a high load capacity and side opening for ease of loading and unloading, together with special stay side struts to stop the lid shutting suddenly.

There's a heavy duty central locking system including end locks and fitting onto roof bars up to 80mm is possible, with a slide mounting system.

The Odyssey range is available in 325, 360, 470 and 580 litre capacities. Load weight is between 50 and 60kg depending on the model.

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Karrite Contour and Magnum

You'll find quite a few of these going second hand on Ebay with the budget ones starting at around £20 bid. The Contour is a standard shape, while the Magnum is a narrower model allowing for space beside it for cycle racks or skis.

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